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Frequently Ask Questions
Global Air Freight ServiceInstant freight rate estimates for ocean, air and trucking (LTL/FTL) shipments.

Yes. If we receive multiple packages for you from different vendors, we will consolidate them as much as possible in order to reduce your shipping costs. 

We do charge a Service fee if you choose to use our Buy and Ship service. The service fee helps us operate the Buy and Ship service and also helps us provide insurance coverage against all loss or damage during transportation or storage in our warehouses. All buy and ship orders are fully insured. There is no service fee charged for any of our Shipping Only services.

For Buy and Ship, we will require the total amount to be paid in full before we can process your order. For orders with a value of 100,000 KES or more, you can pay 50% upon placing the order and the final 50% upon delivery. 

For Shipping Only orders, payment is due immediately we have sent you the invoice showing the cost of shipping your order.

Our US warehouse is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5pm. Our US warehouse is closed on Weekends.

Using our Buy and Ship service, we can buy goods for you from the USA and deliver them to you. Below are the charges you will see in your Buy and Ship invoice:

Cost of Item(s): This is the total cost of the item(s) you want to purchase. It is paid directly to the seller of the item you wish to purchase.

Total Service Cost: This is a fee paid to Savo Store for handling and facilitating this service. It is charged at 18% of the Cost of Item(s). This fee also covers full insurance coverage for your order while on transit from our US office to our Nairobi office.

Total Shipping Cost: This is the total transportation cost of your order from our US office to our Nairobi office. The amount quoted as the Total Shipping Cost is final unless otherwise stated. 

VAT (16%): All sales of goods in Kenya are subject to VAT at a rate of 16%. VAT is calculated as a percentage of the Total Service Cost + Total Shipping Cost charged by Savo Store.

US Domestic Shipping: This is a line item that may be present in your invoice, IF the seller of the item you wish to purchase charges a domestic shipping fee within the US to ship the item to our US warehouse. 

Order Total: This is the total of all the line items above. It is the total amount payable for your order. For orders with a value of 100,000 KES or more, you can pay 50% when placing the order and the final 50% when the order arrives in Kenya. 

The best way to determine your total cost is to request a quote with us. Click here to request a quote for an order you'd like to place with us. 

Most electronic goods manufactured today are MULTI - VOLTAGE. This means that they can work anywhere in the world. While North America operates on 110/125 Volt Alternating Current (AC), majority of the world operates on 220/240 VAC. Majority of the electronics manufactured today will automatically switch between the North American voltage regime and the Kenyan voltage regime. If you wish to purchase a U.S. appliance that only accepts 110/125 VAC, a converter will be necessary. This will simply convert the voltage input accepted by the appliance to 240 VAC. Converters are readily available in Kenya at low prices.

After your goods arrive at our U.S. address, they'll be shipped out with the next shipment scheduled for departure to Kenya. We ship goods from our U.S. Office every Wednesday and deliver them to Nairobi 7 to 15 business days later (excluding weekends). As a reminder, please note that it is important to order time sensitive goods or goods for special events such as Weddings and Birthdays well ahead of time. This is true with any logistics agent because delays sometimes do occur as a result of uncontrollable circumstances such as bad weather, increased volumes (e.g. around the holidays) or inefficiencies at the port of entry.

As soon as your order arrives in Kenya, you will receive an e-mail from Savo Store informing you of the arrival of your order. A customer care representative from our local office will also contact you to schedule a pick up or a delivery.

A customer care representative from our local office in Nairobi will contact you to schedule a pick up or a delivery. Deliveries will be done at an extra cost. All orders destined to a location outside Nairobi will be shipped via courier service to your destination at an extra cost. We are able to ship to Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Meru, and many other towns and cities in Kenya. For any questions regarding pick up and delivery, please click on Contact Us above to contact our customer care department. Be sure to include your order ID number in the e-mail if you have one.

We will send you an e-mail notification informing you that we have received your order and that we will be forwarding it to you in Kenya shortly.