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Consolidation & Packaging
As a company, we understand that smart packaging techniques can lead to significant cost savings. We are happy to pass on those savings to you.
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 What is Consolidation?
Consolidation is a process by which we safely combine multiple products belonging to one customer into a single package, wherever possible.
As an example, if you buy a pair of shoes, a shirt and a pair of headphones from three different online stores, each product will arrive at our U.S. warehouse in a separate package. Shipping them to your destination separately will result in unecessarily high shipping charges. Savo Store will therefore combine all three products into one package, wherever possible.
This efficient repackaging could save you as much as 80% in shipping costs. Package consolidation services are absolutely free for all our customers.
Please note you must create a single order containing the tracking numbers of the packages you would like to be consolidated together. 
We are not able to consolidate separate Savo Store orders. We can only consolidate packages within one Savo Store order.
Click on Contact Us below to email us if you have any questions about consolidation. 
Repackaging goods into smaller boxes