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Buy & Ship Service
Use this service if you would like us to buy goods for you from U.S. online stores and ship them to your destination.
 You can now shop with peace of mind because all purchases are fully insured against loss or damage while on transit!
Go ahead and tell us about the products you would like to acquire below. We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours with the total cost of delivering the order to you, including customs clearance and shipping fees. 
Important Notice (Please Read this)

Please COPY/PASTE a product web link showing the specific desired product. Do NOT put more than one link in this box. Do NOT put a link of a shopping cart/bag.
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Add product information into the product form above. Wait to receive a detailed price quotation within 24 hours.
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We Purchase your order
After you make the required payment, a procurement specialist places your order and gives you a delivery timeline.
Step: 4
We Ship and Deliver
After we receive your order, we dispatch it to you and deliver it to your destination within 7 to 15 business (working) days.
Buy & Ship Delivery Timeline
We Place Your Order Online
Estimated Time
2 to 20 business days
(excluding weekends)
We Receive and Ship Your Order
Estimated Time
7 to 15 business days
(excluding weekends)
We Deliver it to You
Would you like us to purchase goods for you from a US online store hassle-free? Are you having difficulty making purchases from a US online store? Our Buy and Ship service is designed just for you. Simply begin by telling us the products you want, where we should buy them from and then we'll do the rest.
Most Buy and Ship orders typically take 15 to 20 Business days, from purchase to delivery at your destination. Items that take more than two weeks to be delivered to our U.S. Warehouse by the seller may take up to 30 Business days to deliver in Kenya. 
 Shipping Policy
We ship goods out to Kenya every week on Wednesday. If you order contains one item, we will ship it on the very next Wednesday after it arrives at our US warehouse. 
If your order contains multiple items, we will ship each item on the Wednesday after it arrives at our US warehouse. Therefore items that arrive at our US warehouse early will be delivered to you earlier.
If the items in your order are related or are used together (e.g. a laptop and a laptop bag), we may wait for all items to arrive and then ship them to you together. If you require any clarification about our shipping policy, kindly email ust at
 Return Policy
It is important that you read our Return Policy before placing an order with us. Due to the risks associated with purchasing used/refurbished goods, goods from eBay sellers or goods from any unauthorized sellers/dealers, we do not accept returns of such purchases under any circumstances. Click here to read our full return policy. When you place an order with us, you will be prompted to agree to our Return Policy.
PROHIBITED ITEMS - There are certain items we are unable to ship due to various regulations. Click here to view a list of prohibited items.
 We ship perfume
 We are able to ship perfume, cologne, body mists and aftershave from the US to Kenya. We ship them to Kenya once a month on the last Wednesday of every month. 
If you have any questions about our Buy and Ship service, kindly email us at
Transparency is a core part of our business. Below is a clear breakdown of the costs you can expect to see in your Buy and Ship invoice.
Cost of Item >> This is the total cost of the item you want to purchase. It is paid directly to the serller of the items you wish to purchase.
Total Service Cost >> This is a fee paid to Savo Store for handling and facilitating this service. It is charged at 18% of the Cost of Item(s). This fee also covers full insurance coverage for your order while on transit from our US office to our Nairobi office.
Total Shipping Cost >> This is the total transportation cost of your order from our US office to our Nairobi office. The amount quoted as the Total Shipping Cost is final unless otherwise stated.
VAT >> VAT is calculated as a percentage of the Total Service Cost + Total Shipping Cost charged by Savo Store.
Order Total >> This is the total of all the line items above. It is the total amount payable for your order. 
If you have any questions at all, email us at for more information.