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Useful Information

 We use this tool to collect tracking information from you about packages that are currently on transit to our U.S. warehouse. This tracking information (in the form of tracking numbers) is from delivery companies such as Fedex, UPS, USPS and DHL. We use these tracking numbers to automatically send you confirmation emails once your packages arrive at our U.S. Address. We also use your Shipping Only Tool entries to determine if you would like your packages consolidated and shipped together, or shipped separately.

 Consolidation is a process by which we safely combine multiple products belonging to one customer into a single package, wherever possible. As an example, if you buy a pair of shoes, a shirt and a pair of headphones from three different online stores, each product will arrive at our U.S. warehouse in a separate package. Shipping them to your destination separately will result in unecessarily high shipping charges. Savo Store will therefore combine all three products into one package, wherever possible.

 We can hold on order for 21 days only. After that we will automatically ship it to your destination.

Yes. We can consolidate all your purchases into one package or one order and have them delivered to you at the same time. You will have to use our Shipping Only Tool  to notify us that you would like us to consolidate all your purchases into one order.